Covert Video Cameras / Video Surveillance

Sometimes you get one chance, and one chance only. Pro-active Investigators using premium video technology can help get the “shots” you need!

Custom hidden video work to support your investigation, is one of our specialties!

Our clients benefit from our vast inventory of high grade video equipment, as well as techniques that we utilize to obtain analog, and digital video evidence, for use in litigation, or investigations. We maintain a full line of covert, hidden video imaging equipment from basic single “Nanny Cams” to intense government grade packages, providing credible, high quality visual evidence, for various situations. Knowledge of image retrieval, digital storage techniques, and privacy law, are just a few of the many assets that are available exclusively to our clients. We provide effective covert hidden video solutions in Nashville, TN.

New Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology has enabled us to provide days, weeks, and months of quality video surveillance, without ever having to change a tape, or view a scene with little or no activity. Remote viewing of activity only is now possible with our new “stand alone” Mobile DVR systems. DVR’s also reduce the cost of surveillance as no human intervention is required once a DVR is installed on site.

We utilize DVR units that incorporate special features reinforcing admissibility in court. Our techniques and equipment provide quality imaging that will provide positive identification of a subject, when installed correctly.

Our digital imaging techniques, and storage procedures, meet all chain of custody requirements for use in a court of law.

If court testimony is ever required, we will provide technical information, and image acquisition methods to substantiate our development of digital or analog evidence for use in legal proceedings.

If you require a standard Closed Circuit TV system for your home or business, we can refer you to a qualified TN licensed CCTV contractor.

The TSCM/Special Operations Group, Nashville, TN provides covert video surveillance services nationwide to private entities, and Fortune 100 corporations. New techniques and applications for obtaining fluid imaging, developed by our firm, are in use by govt. agencies, and contractors worldwide.

Investigators that are proactive, along with state of the art tools, are the best combination for providing visual documentation that wins. 99% of all live, active video imaging obtained in the field, is shot in broadcast quality 3 CCD format on Mini DV Tape, providing excellent playback quality.

Beware of inexperienced individuals using spy shop toys!

Inferior equipment will usually fail at the worse possible moment. Sometimes the equipment may be impressive, but when making a decision on covert/hidden video use, and surveillance imaging applications, remember, sometimes you only get one chance…We provide quality covert video options for investigative purposes. Equipment failure is never one of our options. Dont rely on someone using your case and toys as a test bed. Make us your first call for hidden video solutions in Nashville, TN.

Our corporate and domestic clients continually benefit from the rewards of video enhanced investigation services.

Contact us for free consultation, and information on covert, hidden video services, nanny cams, imaging products, and applications!