Competent Background Checks

The TSCM Group frequently provides competent, accurate background checks for law firms, corporate entities, and individuals that desire more than a $39 internet search will provide. Many of the internet service providers offer information that is out dated or extremely historical. The TSCM Group has instant access to Davidson Co. court records, TN Criminal records and more. A Background Check provides the ability to make justified decisions about people such as nannies, coaches, dates, teachers or just about anyone in your life. Background checks that are performed by the TSCM Group Nashville,TN typically include searches for the following:

  • Sexual Offenses,Inmate History,Criminal History
  • Arrests made by any TN law enforcement agency
  • Marriage/Divorce History,Bankruptcies,Forfeitures,Civil Judgments,Liens,UCC Filings
  • Motor Vehicle Information,Drivers License Verification,Assets, US and Offshore,Due Diligence Research,Probate Court Data,Chancery Court Data, Gen Sessions Court Data, Address History
  • Watercraft/Aircraft Ownership,Real Estate
  • Verification of citizenship,DEA Numbers
  • Military Status,ID Theft,Professional Licenses
  • Personal Interviews/References
  • Disciplinary Actions by state licensing boards

NOTE: Background Checks for pre employment screening will contain additional information when we are provided with a signed release by the perspective employee!

Guidelines and or laws with respect to FCRA, GLB, HIPPA, and DPPA are always complied with for general background checks.