Products and Resources

The following contains a list of products and surveillance equipment we utilize, sell, service, integrate, rent, and lease for many unique applications. Many products are not listed for various reasons, so contact us with your specific needs.

In alphabetical order:

A full line of Professional Tools for Professional Investigators

Premium 3rd Gen Plus Night Vision

EP Units mount up to many different cameras for simple, self powered, plug and play operation. The image quality is superb. Electrophysics Adapters allow users to transfer the intensifier (CIU) from one camera to another without having to purchase another adapter with an additional intensifier for a different brand of camera. We utilize Electrophysics imaging equipment in the field, it works well with solid pleasing results.

High End, High Resolution, Low Lux Cameras and Accessories.

In the field we utilize Genuine Watec cameras for all of our investigations, and applications where failure is never an option. We are an authorized Watec dealer, call us for your specific 1/2 and 1/3rd camera application needs. Watec cameras carry a 3 year warranty.

Contact us to view the full line of CCTV Mounts, “New” 809 Suction cup window mount will support 3 lbs, perfect for stationary and mobile glass mount applications, We left a 809 glass mount ,with a dead cam attached, installed in a test vehicle, where temperatures had reached over 150 degrees inside. The mount stayed in place just as we had left it. Vises, Presses, extra hands, holding solutions. We are an authorized PanaVise Dealer.

Countermeasures equipment.

Sony® Digital Recorders/Cameras Sony NT-2 Dual Microphone Stereo Digital Audio Recorders, GVD 250,800,GVD 1000 MiniDV®

Surveillance Vans Specialty Vehicle Solutions produces a full line of surveillance vans, mobile command posts, and trailers for law enforcement and private sector entities. The company is dedicated to building a quality product, and providing premium service for their entire line.

Note: For Law Enforcement Agency, Government applications, please inquire directly via telephone fax or e mail. We are a registered vendor for Federal, State, County and municipal sales of equipment and services.