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Conducting a competent investigation is similar to building a custom home. It starts with a foundation and ends with completion. If a client interferes with the process, the project may not get completed on time, or may never get completed period. Time is our friend. When you spend time with someone, you will be quite surprised what you will find out.

You get what you pay for when it comes to professional investigation services. Would you trust your child’s welfare or business’s future to someone who charges the same as what it costs to professionally detail your car or less?

Working contingent (free until something is obtained) is never a good option to take from any private investigator.Know what your fees will be,or place a cap on costs. Our billing is comparable to what is standard in the legal services industry. Someone working on a contingent basis can be subjected to extreme scrutiny by opposing counsel.If something sounds too good to be true,it usually is.RUN

We are result driven!

We have a real office, with a real staff.We have been part of the Nashville community for 10 years. This helps provide our clients with efficient service and resources. Maintaining subscriptions to a variety of non public databases that contain a wealth of information, enables us to acquire data rapidly. Our databases are not available to the general public.

Someone who is fascinated by television shows related to crime probably does not know what an illegal transmitter or recorder is, nor do they have any idea of what evidence the courts will accept under rules established by the courts. Inexperience can cause irreparable damage. We only attempt to obtain what will work for you in court.If you need more or something additional, we will accommodate your request.We will never sell a client something they don’t need.

It is impossible to obtain a thorough background check on someone for 29.00 dollars. Many internet data brokers provide minimal or confusing data. Usually this data is historic or “dated”. One must understand how to read a report, and know what flags to look for that may indicate the need for further review.

Some people want nothing more than your money. They will put hours into the case, but will never solve it. We work to solve the case by attempting to work efficiently, and not carelessly. Working a case that someone else has started, and has never completed is not uncommon to us.

Surveillance is an acquired art that requires the use of many tricks, and techniques in the real world to be effective. Surveillance can be very passive or extremely aggressive. Every situation is different. People drive and behave differently. Even the best investigators can lose someone. Traffic lights and other conditions can create problems when running surveillance. Experienced investigators know what to do when something goes wrong. Sometimes it requires more than one investigator to run a successful surveillance.

The best investigator on the planet is only as good as your attorney. It takes teamwork to win in court when an investigator is used.

Don’t believe what you see on TV. Hollywood does a wonderful job of making things look easy. We will never place our client, or opposing entity in danger by placing them in the center of activity as it occurs.

If one investigator suggests that something you are considering is illegal, and may cost you your case, don’t do it.

Before coming to us or any other investigator, BE QUIET and LISTEN. The element of surprise never exists when someone suspects they are under surveillance. People love to talk. Listen closely, then come to us with what you have.


TSCM Group is appointed to the advisory board for Nashville Career College, Criminal Justice Program.

Thermal Imaging Technology is acquired to enhance electronic countermeasures (TSCM) program.

Electronic Countermeasures Program developed for presentation to ISSA/Nashville Technology Council.

Audio Enhancement capabilities are improved through new software and hardware acquisition.

New tactical courses are developed to meet additional client training requirements.


Cellular data acquisition service is initiated to provide clients with historical information from handheld wireless devices.

New telecom system is developed to provide a solution to end nuisance phone calls.

TSCM Group remains on the advisory board for Kaplan Career College, Criminal Justice Program.

TSCM Group conducts domestic animal abuse investigation in Sumner County TN, pro bono, at no cost to the taxpayers of Sumner County, resulting in convictions, and change in TN state law regarding veterinarian practices for ethical euthanasia of domestic animals, and continuing education rules for licensed veterinarians. To date, Sumner County Animal Control is now operated by their Sheriff’s Dept. We recommended this based on the proven success of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sheriff, Maricopa County Arizona


TSCM provides technical services and course development to DOD contractors.

TSCM Nashville is published with Security Products magazine.

TSCM is published with Government Video news.


TSCM implements new updated GPS installation program,11 manufacturers utilize TSCM for custom GPS work, sales service, and installations.

TSCM qualifies, and is approved as a registered vendor for the NSA (National Security Agency).


TSCM progresses to obtain certification as certified mobile forensic examiners with over 40 hours of training to date.

TSCM constructs new cell forensic lab with new software and hardware supporting law enforcement and private sector.

Technical training vehicles are added to additional standard agency training programs.

To date, TSCM has provided a training venue for over 15 Criminal Justice students totaling over 1200 hours of service supplementing their education at zero cost.


TSCM is on the advisory board for the Miller-Motte Criminal Justice Program.