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TSCM group provides quality investigation services, surveillance equipment, surveillance operations, counter surveillance, special application products, and legal support services.
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Investigation Services

Beware of some out of state agencies that will more than often subcontract your case to someone with little or no experience, or resources. One should also be cautious when considering an investigator that is selling services for prices that sound too good to be true. Sometimes these people are referred to as “Hobby Investigators” and...

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Child Custody/ Divorce

Divorce investigations can be relatively simple, or extremely difficult. If you decide to utilize any private investigator to support your divorce or child custody proceedings, please read through information we have placed on our Cheaters Page before consulting with any investigator. The TSCM Group utilizes new technology, as well as very aggressive, pro-active techniques...

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If you have ever wondered what your present, or soon to be ex lover, was really up to, you can find out now, or sometimes painfully later in complete confidence. We decided to offer a small easy affordable program for those who desire to safely, quietly, and privately verify the credibility of their lover, without having to engage a lengthy, and maybe costly full service investigation...

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Corporate Theft Solutions

New technology, in addition to advanced interviewing techniques, are very effective tools for use in corporate theft and embezzlement investigations. We can help to combat shrinkage of cash, goods, and services, by utilizing several powerful, of many proven techniques, that provide solutions to common and difficult problems in the workplace.

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Process Service

“We start when the Sheriff stops!”™ Contact us for assistance with simple or difficult process service in the middle TN area. We maintain a list of contacts that will assist serving deponents in all 50 states as well as overseas. The TSCM/SO Group utilizes technology, as well as aggressive techniques, to locate and serve process upon entities that are required to appear in court.

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Background Checks

The TSCM Group frequently provides competent, accurate background checks for law firms, corporate entities, and individuals that desire more than a 39 dollar internet search will provide. Many of the internet service providers offer information that is out dated or extremely historical. The TSCM Group has instant access to Davidson Co court records...

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TSCM/Special Operations Group Inc. is a licensed private investigation company located in Nashville, Tennessee, providing thorough, competent private investigations, technical support for investigations, litigation, and research of all types.

GPS Cellular Forensics

The TSCM Group provides court recognized Forensic Cellular Data acquisition services to subsidize E-discovery, and provide other evidence to support litigation and defense work.

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Audio Analysis/ Video Enhancement

Our Audio Analysis/Audio Forensic Service, located in Nashville, is often utilized to enhance the quality of, and validate, the authenticity of an audio recording.

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Advancements in technology have made DNA Testing affordable and accessible for investigative use in the private sector. The TSCM Group located in Nashville, TN utilizes...

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Computer Forensics

Forensic Computer and Data examinations are thorough, tightly controlled, fully documented examinations of computers and associated storage media for data which...

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Expert Witness Services

The right expert witness can provide an unparalleled advantage during any court case.

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TSCM (Bugsweep)

TSCM=Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. A credible TSCM professional, has a thorough knowledge of the techniques, and types of equipment utilized to...

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GPS Tracking

GPS Nashville utilizes GPS, and other forms of location based services within the guidelines established under TCA 39-13-606. Location based services are used with respect to laws or guidelines concerning reasonable expectation...

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Covert Video/ Nanny Cams

Sometimes you get one chance, and one chance only. Pro-active Investigators using premium video technology can help get the “shots” you need! Custom hidden video work is one...

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