The important difference:

The TSCM/Special Operations Group is comprised of trained, licensed experienced professionals. Our investigators maintain subject matter expertise in areas that are predominant in our industry to help meet your goal.

The TSCM Group was developed in 2000, licensed and incorporated in 2002. As private investigators in Nashville, clients expressed a need for technical services and competent investigation services. We have been proudly serving our clients for over 10 years. Please take a few minutes to read the information below to find out more about us and what to expect when working with any professional investigator.

When TSCM was formed, many of our technical services were typically unobtainable from existing local service providers. Our main focus included technical surveillance countermeasures, and covert video operations. We still provide premium technical services nationwide to various entities, agencies, small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies.

We began to accept domestic cases because our resources and techniques enabled us to provide a quality work product for our clients,and their attorney’s. Being extremely aggressive and resourceful, Government contractors recognized our capabilities, and began to utilize our resources to complement existing operations and training operations.

Interaction with US and state government agencies has been beneficial for some of our clients due to knowledge and experience gained with regard to law, policy, and procedure.

We are result driven!

All of our investigators are licensed and experienced, fully capable of providing documentation and fact to support your case. All of our investigators must have military,law enforcement or agency experience.Most important,we have experience handling cases and problems that sometimes arise during the course of an investigation. Investigation work is our focus.We do not have security guards,provide alarm services,or consider your case a sideline. Being multi faceted with technologies,and having the knowledge of how the system works,while utilizing resources is our clients best advantage.

To meet new demands, acquiring quality surveillance equipment, conducting research, development, and analysis of new equipment, processes, and consulting with subject matter experts we develop solutions to overcome and address difficult barriers that are faced by the legal, law enforcement, and private sector communities

We listened to what our clients demanded, wanted, and needed. Applications and techniques were redeveloped accordingly to address situations we are constantly faced with.. Laws and rules have been studied, we know where our boundaries are, and what our courts will and will not accept.TSCM Group works with attorneys and firms recognized for their performance and expertise.Our assets and working relationships become yours when engaging our firm.

TN private investigator guidelines mandate continuing education. All TSCM Group personnel typically exceed these requirements tenfold utilizing other educational resources that are specific to our areas of service, and other obligations we meet per client request.

The TSCM Group does not conduct investigations related to arson, accident reconstruction, workers compensation fraud, or forensic accounting. If you require these services we will gladly refer you to a competent qualified specialist in one of these areas.

“Maintaining a higher degree of excellence"

We are licensed by The TN Dept of Commerce and Insurance, and are registered as a SBA Veteran owned small business.TSCM Group is also insured above industry standards.

The TSCM Group is registered, and approved, to conduct business with DOE,NSA,Federal Government Branches, as well as the State of Tennessee, and Metropolitan Davidson County.