Employment Information

The TSCM Group sometimes utilizes contract investigators based on experience and performance involving specific skill sets, developed through field experience in law enforcement, prior OGA or military experience only.

Our firm develops intelligent solutions and approaches for investigations and training of different multitudes. If you have qualifications that may relate to categories listed below, we will accept your resume for review and consideration. Submission of a resume does not constitute promise of employment. If you are attempting to gain employment as a private investigator,and you have no specific skill sets, please review TN state law regarding private investigations.

TSCM/Eavesdropping Countermeasures,Covert Video Surveillance,Digital Video Solutions
Audio/Video Enhancement and Forensics,Electronic Design Technology for Surveillance Applications
Knowledge of Juvenile and Criminal Law
Counter Espionage
Data Research and Analysis/Fraud and Loss Prevention
VOIP Comm Systems,PBX Telecom Systems,POTS Systems
Networks,Wireless Technology
Satellite Image Analysis