New technology, in addition to advanced interviewing techniques, are very effective tools for use in corporate theft and embezzlement investigations. We can help to combat shrinkage of cash, goods, and services, by utilizing several powerful, of many proven techniques, that provide solutions to common and difficult problems in the workplace..

Basic Methods to consider

1. Covert Video Surveillance to combat physical theft

Proper camera and equipment selection, and placement, along with quality recording gear, can often provide solid evidence that will show the suspect committing the act itself. Even when a facility has video equipment in place, cunning thieves will often devise methods to bypass existing implements to commit theft. Adding covert video gear to cover areas that are believed to be safe by a suspect will often show interesting tactics used for gain, and other forms of misbehavior. Visit our Covert video page for additional information.

2. Surprise Audits

Surprise audits will sometimes show misrepresented figures in accounting, and may sometimes include “ghost” employees and services that were paid for, but never received.

3. Interviews

Modern interview techniques are very powerful, and effective when used properly. Our investigators utilize techniques developed through continuing education courses such as those offered by the The John E Reid Co to interview and obtain admissions relevant to undesirable activity. The Reid Institute Interviewing/Interrogation Courses are recognized as proven effective courses by many agencies throughout the world. Interviews and interrogations conducted utilizing Reid methods have shown a 94.6% success rate for obtaining a confession by a suspect.

TSCM investigators also utilize successful proprietary techniques as part of an internal investigation process.

4. Undercover Operatives

Placing an undercover investigator inside of an operation will reveal information pertaining to misconduct, sexual harassment, theft and other undesirable activity within a company. This technique can be costly, and time consuming, but will also yield results by developing intelligence pertaining to employee actions.

5. Termination of Employment

Employee termination can leave an employer liable to many avenues of retaliation. We can provide employee termination process assistance that will leave a employer less liable to legal implications. This is a pro active documentation process that is utilized by many corporations, and small businesses nationwide to reduce risk and liability.