Divorce investigations can be relatively simple, or extremely difficult. If you decide to utilize any private investigator to support your divorce or child custody proceedings, please read through information we have placed on our Cheaters Page before consulting with any investigator.


It is easier to obtain information if the subject of the investigation has not been confronted with allegations of wrongdoings, and does not suspect that someone will have them under surveillance.

Confronting a person with allegations only allows them to be more evasive, and cunning in order to avoid detection. This means it will take more time, money, and ingenuity, to obtain what you will need in court to support your divorce litigation.

The TSCM Group utilizes new technology, as well as aggressive, pro-active techniques, to obtain solid evidence for use in a court of law. Engaging our team to work for you can help show who should win and why. Call us for a free initial consultation!

Child Custody Issues

Contact us for assistance with issues involving child custody, divorce, DCS/CPS misconduct, custodial interference, and non-compliance with other existing court orders in Tennessee. Accurate investigation results, credible video documentation, and collective intelligence gathering can be your best asset. Our clients reap the benefits of our work product when placed in the hands of their competent attorney. The supported facts that we can provide, and testify to, can make a difference in someone’s life forever. We strive to maintain a practical working knowledge of Tennessee laws that pertains to divorce and child custody in an effort to serve our clients better.

We maintain subject matter expertise with regard to child custody investigations in the State of Tennessee. It takes more than someone with a video camera, and a car, to help win a child custody battle. Child custody and Divorce matters should be handled with extreme skill and care.

Our proven techniques and technology will always place our clients ahead of their adversary, when there is evidence to be obtained. Our business is based on this. Previous clients of ours can affirm this, our experience allows us to determine what the courts generally will, and will not accept.

Child custody investigations can be lengthy, and are often difficult. Working close with your attorney and developing a strategy to give you the upper hand, and help you win is our priority.