Cellular Forensics / Handheld Data Recovery and Acquisition

The TSCM Group provides court recognized Forensic Cellular Data acquisition services to subsidize E-discovery, and provide other evidence to support litigation and defense work.

We examine Blackberrys, iPhones, and Palms, as well as thousands of others in use.

Note: If your Blackberry is password protected by the user, there is no method available to extract data. Entering the password on a Blackberry device incorrectly may cause permanent data loss.

Information typically extracted from wireless communication devices:

  • Phone Book
  • SMS / Text Messaging (Text messages that have been erased may not always be retrieved. (Deleted text and e mails on Blackberry’s are not recoverable)
  • Call History, Inbound and Outbound
  • Still Photos and or Video
  • Time and Date of Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Numbers dialed/Number Call received from (may not include or reveal private or blocked numbers)

  • Unique information proprietary to the device
  • Photographic sequences that display unique functions
  • SIM Card data extraction, phonebook, text and last 20 numbers dialed, and security information (for GSM phones)
  • Certain files used, sent, received, or created on PDA/Smart Phones (ie. Android, Blackberry I Phone up to 3GS or Palm)
  • Dual or single NAM verification
  • Type of device
  • ESN
  • Hex/Dec
  • IMSI
  • IMEI
  • Carrier
  • Media (recordings/photos etc.) stored inside of the device

It is important to understand that new communication devices are introduced to the consumer market on a weekly basis.

There is no standard recovery procedure that will work on every device that is in use. We utilize established techniques that complement standard data procurement to be used in litigation.

This service should not be confused with triangulating or locating a user in real time or obtaining records from a wireless provider. We provide factual results from a physical and logical examination conducted on the provided device.

Prior to contacting us for Forensic Cell Work, we need to know:

  • Type of phone (PDA or Flip)
  • Model
  • Carrier (who provides service for the device)
  • Agency name or Firm requiring the service
  • Signed release authorizing the work

Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Another service we provide allows us to obtain the identity of an individual that blocks, or masks their number.

This service is ideal for someone that receives harassing, or threatening phone calls, on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter where the call originates from. The time date, and duration, in addition to the originating point, and number used to make the call is logged. We then provide the client with this information which can be to support litigation or law enforcement investigations.*

*This should not be confused with interception of communication in any way shape or form. It is pure technology that will provide caller identification. There are limitations to this process, please call for more information.