If you have ever wondered what your present (or soon to be ex) lover was really up to, you can find out now, or sometimes painfully later, in complete confidence.

Signs of Cheating

Total denial. When confronted cheaters will deny, deny, deny, until they are shown a video tape where one of the “stars” looks familiar. Read below about confrontation.

Cell phone/computer protection.

Cell phones are closely guarded and protected by cheaters. Text messaging becomes a new hobby. Often one will receive hang up calls, or have to go to the store, walk the dog etc to get away and make calls. Changing pass words on home computers and constant deletion of files and e mails. Rapidly changing screens when someone enters the room.

Lack of “bedroom activity.” Sex becomes a thing of the past, or becomes mechanical as a cheater saves it for the new lover.

Missing from work. Sometimes the best way to get away and play is at work, after work, or at lunchtime. Beware of "I had to work overtime" or late excuses with no change in pay. The workplace is a high volume cheating arena with large numbers of employees. Cheaters have a difficult time accounting for time spent with lovers. (bold) Married cheaters love to cheat during the week where time is less accountable. Married cheaters typically lay low over the weekend because they have to account for their whereabouts.

Personal changes such as weight-loss, new clothes, new friends, new sexual habits, cologne/perfume, working out at the gym.

Bills for expenses disappear- phone bills, credit card bills, and atm statements. Cheaters pay bills quickly to avoid getting caught over receipts that reflect dinner for two, lingerie purchases, hotels, event tickets etc. New bank accounts may be started and new credit card invoices may go to P.O. boxes.

  • Meeting with new friends or associates whom you do not know, have never met, or haven’t heard of in recent months.
  • Extra mileage on his or her vehicle.
  • You are unable to reach your spouse by telephone like you used to.
  • Always wears certain garments on certain days of the week.
  • Returns home smelling of alcohol or perfume , or has make-up stains on clothing.
  • Wont tell who he, or she is with, or what time he or she will be home.
  • Contraceptives are found in areas of concern.
  • New cell phone hidden in the house car or at work.
  • Leaving early for work with no additional income.
  • Less accountability of time while away from home.
  • Massive text messaging starts to appear on your cell phone invoice.
  • Items reserved for hotel guests appear in pockets or vehicles.
Friendly Advice: The signs we have listed on this page will hopefully provide our visitors with something to think about. Please use your better judgment before assuming someone is not being faithful.

“I’ll do it myself.”

Sometimes doing things yourself can save you money, and will maybe get you what you need, sometimes…

Unfortunately, many times someone will run into a dead end and then decide to call an investigator to get more information. During this time of doing things yourself, the suspected person may notice things out of the ordinary, suspicions will be aroused, and it will take twice the effort to find out what’s really going on because any valuable discreet techniques that are commonly utilized will be rendered useless, as the questionable person has been alerted, or even worse, confronted, and will more than likely take extra precautionary measures to thwart being caught.

What could have been obtained in less than 5 days can now take weeks or months. Conducting your own surveillance may land you a restraining order for stalking. Beware of sites that promote “do-it-yourself” activities. Some sites offer items and techniques that are illegal to obtain and may come back to haunt you later in civil court. A cell phone bill proves nothing, and two adults simply dining doesn’t add up to much either. Repetitious behavior that will show the court, or reasonable person, that an adulterous relationship has been occurring always works the best. Please consider this before engaging in a lengthy witch hunt on the internet. Your evidence may not be deemed credible by the court. Surveillance is our specialty!

What do we provide?

We provide surveillance for a fair price that will include quality video documentation of all visible activities allowed by law.

The information and video you will receive will allow you to make your own decision based on our findings. All we provide are the facts, in writing, in addition to high quality video documentation of viewable activities.

Domestic and Custody Investigations

New technology allows us to obtain quality documentation without accumulating long costly hours with minimal results. Allow us to put our cutting-edge equipment to work to help clarify difficult situations and provide exemplary, more-than-minimal proof. Our clients will always have the advantage when our imaging products are in use, and investigators produce clear convincing evidence to substantiate who should have custody, and why.

Using Our Modern Technology Keeps the Weight Off Your Wallet

Surveillance time can add up. New DVR/remote recording technology allows quality unmanned video surveillance for long periods of time, which is cost effective, clear, and accurate. No tapes to change, remote viewing, and much much more. We maintain an inventory of high end digital equipment to meet our clients needs.

Worldwide Coverage

If you desire a cheaters investigation outside of Nashville, TN, feel free to contact us. We have credible licensed private investigator colleagues in all 50 states, as well as the Bahamas, Virgin Islands Europe, Asia, China, Africa, and South America to cover short trips or events, and provide information where coverage is needed. This is ideal for safely verifying activity during out of area trips.

What do I need to provide?

Providing as much accurate information as possible, upfront, will enable us to reach your objective faster. You can accomplish this with our secure contact form.

How much will this cost?

We work on an hourly rate. Because we utilize the latest technology in surveillance equipment and techniques, we save our clients a substantial amount of money by letting experience and quality equipment provide you with what’s needed the most.

Our initial consultations are free. You may not even need our services. Further investigation services are available entirely at your discretion.

Do you catch cheaters every time?

No. Sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

What won't I get?

Anything that constitutes: invasion of privacy, violations of the FCRA, DPPA, or GLB laws as well as anything deemed unethical or unsafe for any party involved to be a part of, or have knowledge of. This will be discussed during an initial free consultation. We reserve the right to refuse cheaters investigations at our discretion in the best interest of public safety.

Cheating on the Internet

We have discreet proven methods that will help identify disharmonious internet relationships.

You may contact us by phone, email, or via our secure contact form safely and discreetly.

We decided to offer a small easy affordable program for those who desire to safely, quietly, and privately verify the credibility of their lover, without having to engage a lengthy, and maybe costly full service investigation. We are not affiliated with the TV show named “Cheaters”.