Audio/Video Analysis: Extreme Enhancement

We routinely provide slow motion video, and imaging framework for litigation, and investigation, with one of our associates. They are recognized as the world leader in forensic/ballistic testing. Their results are undisputable, and accurate.

Our Audio Analysis/Audio Forensic Service, located in Nashville, is often utilized to enhance the quality of, and validate, the authenticity of an audio recording.

Most common uses may be for courtroom proceedings, litigation, interviews or interrogation, as well as supplementing key elements that may be leading to the conclusion of an investigation. Spectrograph subsidized analysis for speech comparison is available, in addition to other laboratory procedures.

Common Procedures include:

  • Voice Comparison
  • Starts/Stops
  • 50/60 khz hum removal
  • Engine noise removal
  • Insertions and deletion of audio segments

Our engineers have thousands of hours in sound processing, and will put their expertise to work to clean up, repair, verify and enhance, any audio format, or media you may need processed for clarity. Our team specializes in getting the audio you need. And only what you need. Crisp, Clear. The way it should be.

Please be forewarned: Some recordings may not be able to be enhanced for a variety of reasons. Contact us for more information

Capabilities include processing audio recordings in both analog and digital format, from SONY NT2 Digital micro cassette to BETA Format.

Note: Our clients enjoy rapid turnarounds with fair pricing and a solid chain of custody for transit!

Video Enhancement and Analysis

Frequently imaging will need to be analyzed, and confirmed for authenticity, tampering, and completeness, as well as enhancement.

We maintain optimal resources to assist with video analysis and enhancement, as well as experts for certification and testimony. Our video engineers have countless hours in video analysis, editing, and enhancement to assist in your tape/image enhancement in both analog and digital format. Contact us for your video enhancement needs in Nashville, TN.